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  1. Used to be Max M 2:54
  2. Coming Through Max M 2:51
  3. Any Other Night Max M 3:23
  4. If this is what it feels like (French Edit) Max M & Chris Willis feat Isia Marie 3:45
  5. If this is what it feels like Max M & Chris Willis feat Della Ciprian 3:47
  6. I'll Be Up (Radio Edit) Max M & Chris Willis 2:45
  7. Let's Ride Remix (Radio Edit) Max M (feat. Gabe Kubanda) 2:37
  8. Imaginary Problems Max M 2:54
  9. Never Wanna Leave Max M 3:16
  10. Under Water Max M 3:16

Production and publishing

M Music is a music production and publishing company founded in 2020 by the DJ and producer Max M. Beyond the Max M project, M Music’s ambition is to provide professional support to emerging and talented artists/producers and help them move forward to the next step in their career.

Mixing and Mastering

M Music is providing high quality mixing and mastering services to artists and producers, using professional hardware and softwares in a studio analyzed by acousticians with a Trinnov ST2 Pro system. Our sounds engineers have been trained in the United States and we guarantee the perfect mix/master for all supports (DSPs, radios, TVs, vinyls, CDs...)



Used to be

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